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It’s all about the mac & cheese, 85 years and going strong.

For over 85 years Kraft Mac & Cheese has been serving up comfort and smiles one bowl at a time. We know that comfort makes us feel good, and it's our mission to bring those good vibes to people of all ages.

help yourself

Kraft Mac & Cheese is here to remind you to help yourself. To take pride in choosing comfort. To enjoy how good it feels, and celebrate it without apologizing.

Kraft Mac & Cheese is the perfect break time treat. Or any time treat, whenever you need a boost.

we’re all-in on comfort

Comfort is the best thing we can do for ourselves. There's nothing like a warm, cheesy bowl of deliciousness to put a smile on your face.

One of America's favorite

comfort foods

Our cheesy, delicious products fill your belly and feed your soul.
Don’t fight it. Dig right into a classic bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Or triple cheese. Or unicorns…