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Deluxify everything

NEW Kraft Mac & Cheese Deluxe Frozen takes comfort to the next level.


  1. make it all about you
    Take our easy quiz and get an even more delicious experience.
  2. cheesy, comfy, convenient
    Craving comfort? Find it in the freezer aisle.
  3. how do you hack your mac?
    Get inspired with some delicious ways to elevate your favorite Kraft Mac & Cheese dish.
  4. comfort with a twist
    Great cheesy taste with a spiraling fun shape.

About Us Content

feel good comfort

Kraft Mac & Cheese lifts us up and makes us feel good inside and out. It’s the positive power of comfort, and it’s contagious in the best way.

A woman enjoys a bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Serving up comfort for over 85 years!

All Kraft Mac And Cheese Products

cheesy deliciousness

From our beloved Blue Box to our deliciously creamy Deluxe, grab your favorite bowl of comfort.

Close-up of a person's mouth eating a spoonful of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Two close friends sit together laughing and catching up with each other over their yummy bowls of Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Kraft Mac and Cheese Recipes Content

tasty mac hacks

Stir up new ways to enjoy Kraft Mac & Cheese. See our tasty recipes below.

A family laughs around a kitchen island for a weeknight dinner, eating bowls of Kraft Mac and Cheese with a tossed salad
  1. Cheese lovers, stop scrolling! Amp up your grilled cheese with mac & cheese noodle filling
    grilled cheese sandwich
    Amp up your grilled cheese with mac & cheese noodle filling.
  2. does it mac?
    An easy cheesy & deliciously garlicky meatless friday
  3. A new way to eat your Kraft Mac & Cheese with hot dogs
    mac & cheese sushi
    A new way to eat your Kraft Mac & Cheese with hot dogs
  4. A Kraft Mac & Cheese hack for #MotivationMonday
    do it up different
    Ever made mac & cheese in a frying pan?
  5. Make a macuterie board for your next cozy night in
    mac it your own
    Make a macuterie board for your next cozy night in
  6. Nothing scary about hacking your Deluxe Kraft Mac & Cheese
    spooky deluxe!
    Heat up the cauldron for mac & cheese with pesto and olives
Woman with slippers laying under pillows on an orange couch the color of cheese. Vibe check: Kraft Mac & Cheese comfort!

Accessible Name: Kraft Mac and Cheese Merchandise

look good, feel good

Styles so good, they’ll make you smile.

Wear your love of Kraft Mac & Cheese on the outside. Person in a noodle t-shirt. Person wearing a mac and cheese sweat-shirt.

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our world of comfort

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